Wahl Charcoal Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats



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Just like us, our pet needs regular brushing as part of its regular oral hygiene. The soft bristles on the Wahl Charcoal Toothbrush have been infused with charcoal to help fight bad breath and keep the teeth clean. The handle is made of eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo. The box contains 2 sizes of toothbrushes.
•Charcoal-infused Bristles – Charcoal is a safe, natural deodorizer and can help fight bad breath. The bristles are extra soft to protect the gums
•Eco-friendly Bamboo Handle – Smooth and natural bamboo handle is water-resistant and will not splinter
•Contains 2 Brushes – Regular size brush for larger size dogs. Small size brush for hard to reach places and is also perfect for a puppy or a small-sized dog


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