Proper nutrition is the foundation of all great diets; but don’t forget about palatability. You don’t enjoy bland, boring food, even if it is good for you… and neither do your pets. Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food is nutritious and tasty!

With high fiber lower protein Timothy and Alfalfa Hay pellets
A festive blend of natural fruits nuts and veggies
The “Right-Sized Bites” that rabbits love

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Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural with ZOO-Vital Biscuits Rabbit Food is a premium natural food that’s specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of pet rabbits. It’s made with a medley of delicacies to encourage natural foraging behaviors that help to relieve cage boredom. Tasty pellets made from Timothy and alfalfa hay add fiber to your rabbit’s diet and ensure digestibility. Several baked treats such as ZOO-Vital biscuits and crispy loops provide antioxidants and beneficial bacteria, not to mention an extra crunchy texture that brings excitement to feeding time.

Key Benefits

  • Fortified daily rabbit diet that are baked crisps that are loaded with natural nutrients and antioxidants
  • High in fiber, Alfalfa and Timothy Hay pellets for optimum digestion
  • Includes ZOO-Vital baked biscuits that are uniquely shaped, different textures and the biscuit densities help stimulate the natural foraging instinct as well as gum & tooth maintenance
  • Dried rose hops and rose petals are added as a natural source of vitamin C
  • Pineapple & papaya add fiber and essential enzymes for optimum digestion