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As a discerning pet owner, you know that the most important aspect of your dog’s health is the food he eats. He should have a natural, nutritious food, that he enjoys, to ensure his ongoing optimal health. Rollover’s semi-soft premium Beef dog food (made in Alberta) is an exceptional choice for your four-legged family member. Fully cooked, all-natural and nutritionally complete, Rollover’s premium Beef dog food is formulated for all life stages (based on AAFCO guidelines). This delicious dog food is made with premium quality Alberta beef organ meats (liver, heart, lung and kidney) sourced from human-grade facilities and blended with Canadian-grown whole grains. Rollover uses no artificial colours or flavours in its foods and this premium Beef dog food is an excellent choice for your healthy, active dog or puppy. He’ll love the taste and you’ll know that you are providing a nutritious, balanced food made in Canada for your four-legged friend…Rollover.
Rollover dog foods do not contain any corn, soy, meat meal, bone meal or risk materials. Only quality meat proteins (never by-products or rendered materials) are used to ensure your dog enjoys a natural, highly digestible, nutritious and delicious dog food. * First ingredient is real beef – beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney and beef lung  * No meat proteins other than Beef * Organ meats are ‘super foods’; extremely nutrient-dense * All-natural preservatives (no BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin)  * No artificial colours or flavours  * Easy to feed – just slice, dice, grate or chop and serve * Stays tasty and moist for 10-14 days when stored in a refrigerated, air-tight container * Freezes well for longer storage

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