Redbarn Filled Peanut Butter Dog Bone, Large, 5 oz.


How many licks does it take to get through a Filled Bone? We don’t know for sure, but we are confident your power chewer will lather you with kisses for treating them to a Redbarn Filled Bone. One of our most popular dog bone treats, we take all-natural white beef femur bones and stuff them with a delectable filling. You won’t have to hide your shoes anymore once you give your dog a Redbarn 416003 Filled Bone Peanut Butter Dog Bone Treat. This dog bone is hand-filled with peanut butter through a propriety filling process. Redbarn uses real beef femur bones naturally cleaned so dogs enjoy their new favorite chew without any extras. Grain-free and rawhide free, our filled dog bone treats satisfy their instinct to chew while fighting boredom and releasing stress. It also makes one of the best-tasting dental treats for dogs.

  • Natural beef femur bone has a tasty peanut butter-flavored filling.
  • Durable bone makes one of the best-tasting dental treats for dogs.
  • This dog bone is the perfect pairing of taste and health, as chewing is a natural boredom-buster, stress-reliever, and plaque-remover for your dog.
  • Once the filling is licked away, feel free to keep the bone and refill with your own fillings, like peanut butter from the pantry!
  • Our Filled Bone manufacturing process is a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and handcrafted quality. First, the all-natural beef femur bones are bathed in industrial steel vats, allowing the bones to naturally clean themselves. Then, they’re oven-roasted for maximum safety. Finally, we hand-fill every bone through a proprietary process, allowing our original filled dog bone treats to stay semi-moist and perfectly placed, with the filling adhering to bone walls instead of carpets.
  • Includes 1 large 5-oz. dog bone treat

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