Pestell Paw Thaw Ice Melter Pet Friendly 5.5kg


Pet Friendly Melt

Paw Thaw is a safer, biodegradable ice melter that will not harm your pet when used as directed. Fast Acting, Paw Thaw combines the most effective deicing blend components available, creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown.

Paw Thaw breaks the bond between the ice and the surface area. Environmentally Formulated the Non-hygroscopic formula is less harmful to grass, trees or other vegetation. Water soluble and odorless. Non Tracking. Will not harm carpets or floors and will not damage footwear. No slimy sticky residue to clean up. Non Corrosive.

Paw Thaw guards against concrete corrosion by forming a protective coating on the surface. Do not use on precast or concrete less than 1 year old. Non Slip. Special ‘Dolomite’ formula provides added traction control.

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