Nutrafin Betta Plus 120 mL (4 fl oz)Tap Water Conditioner for Bettas


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Nutrafin Betta Plus 120 mL (4 fl oz) Tap Water Conditioner, makes tap water safe for bettas.Protects scales and fins, reduces nitrite toxicity, neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, undesirable metals, helps reduce stress as well as inflamation and potential of undesirable conditions that can arise from scrapes, torn fins and abrasions. Now contains tropical almond leaf extract to impart a natural element found in betta habitats, tropical almond leaves condition water for bettas and support the conditions within which bettas thrive and show their full colour potential.
DOSAGE: Shake well before using. 5 mL treats 2 L (0.5 U.S. gal / 0.4 U.K. gal) with every water change.,


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