Li’l Pals Combo Brush Dog 1PC


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Get two small dog grooming tools in one with the Li’l PalsĀ® Dog Combo Brush! This innovative double-sided design features both wire pins and bristles to do all of your dog’s grooming with one tool. The wire pins lift out loose hair and debris, while the bristles help distribute your dog’s natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat. It’s easy to use: Start by removing mats and tangles, then brush from head to tail to distribute natural oils. Unlike larger brushes that may scare smaller dogs or be difficult to maneuver around their small bodies, the Li’l PalsĀ® Dog Combo Brush makes grooming easy. Your dog will love the gentle feel of the brush. Use this brush for all of your grooming needs!


  • Sized specifically for little dogs and puppies to make grooming easy.
  • Provides two grooming tools in one with double-sided design.
  • Easily removes loose hair and debris with wire pins.
  • Bristles distribute natural oils evenly throughout coat for healthy, shiny hair.
  • Promotes a clean and healthy coat in small dogs with all hair types.


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