JW Adjustable Deshedding Blade for Dogs


The JW GripSoft Dog Deshedding Loop is a universal grooming tool designed to remove loose hair and sheds from virtually any dog’s coat. Its adjustable stainless-steel looped blades are ideal for removing large amounts of dead pet hair all at once, reducing shedding and mess around the house. Each blade features coarse and fine teeth to handle long and short coats equally well, and the loops slide in and out of the handle for a variety of blade sizes to suit your dog. For additional customization and functionality, the blade separates at the handle to allow straight-bladed operation. This lets you cover larger areas more quickly or sweep excess water from your dog’s coat after bathing.
– Ideal for removing large volumes of dead pet hair & reducing shedding around the house
– Cushioned non-slip handle gives you a comfortable grip
– The blade features coarse & fine teeth for long & short coats respectively
– Unique looped blade conveniently slides in & out of handle to create a variety of sizes
– The blade also separates at the handle for straight-bladed operation when covering larger areas, or to sweep excess water from a petÂ’s coat after bathing
– It features a soft, rubber-sheathed ergonomically correct handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

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