Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin Med.-Lg. 30-80lbs


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Fill, chill, chew, repeat.

The PetSafe® Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin is, hands down, the coolest way to eat a treat.

If your dog needs a slow-feed option for eating wet food, this freezer toy slows down dinnertime while adding fun. And if you need to keep your dog occupied while you’re away, you can also use this freezer dog treat toy to freeze chicken broth, yogurt or peanut butter to help your dog savor his snacks for a lot longer.

The Chilly Penguin is a yummy cool-down on the hottest day, but we’re pretty sure your dog is going to love it all year round. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Hollow snowflake shape holds frozen treats
  • Stands up to tough chewers
  • Round base wobbles to give pets a fun challenge
  • Durable, vanilla-scented rubber
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only


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