Elive LED Track Light Advanced Series 36-48 Inch


Elive Advanced Series LED Aquarium Track Lighting systems have been designed to allow full customizability, truly allowing you to build your own LED light fixture. Arrange and add PODs as needed. Each light comes complete with a twin track design and fixed cool white LEDs for added brightness. The tracks use our patented two channel design and Easy with Cool White and Lunar Blue LED PODs. Producing the ideal lighting conditions for freshwater planted, saltwater, and reef aquariums. LED lifespan of over 20,000 hours.


For Any Tank Type: Whether freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium tanks, this light can create the optimal conditions for your fish and plants to thrive.
Great Versatility: Add LED Pods to your liking and create the perfect lighting for your aquarium. We offer Plant Growth lights, High Output lights, multiple colors & more to make your fish tank shine and look as great as never before.
Dimmable Night Mode: Includes two channels, to create a real day-night cycle and optimal environment for your fish.
Simple Installation: With our patented Easy Change System, Elive LED Pods can be added and removed from your led track in seconds.
Trusted Name: Elive has been a high quality manufacturer of aquarium equipment for many years and is proud to be the most trusted brand for aquatics in the US today.

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