DOG GONE SMART Dirty Dog Shammy, Brown


Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel can help you get your wet dog dry after a bath. Dries eight times faster than cotton towels or a blow dryer. This quick-dry towel also features dual hand pockets with elastic to allow for a better grip when drying off your pooch. Added bonus: your dog will enjoy the feel of the ultra-soft fabric as it massages them while it dries.


  • Dries dogs 8X faster than a cotton towel or blow dryer.
  • Ultra-soft fabric massages your dog while drying, making bath time easier for both you and your pet.
  • Dual hand pockets with elastic allow for a better grip when drying and better control over the towel.
  • One size fits all dogs and the clever design allows you to easily take the towel to the beach, the dog park, or even on walks in case it rains.

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