Carna4 Sprouted Seeds Food Supplement & Digestive Aid 18oz


Flora4 contains 100% raw organic seeds, germinated to unlock nature’s protective coating and deliver live nutrients directly to your pet from raw food, not synthetics. Flora4 supplies sufficient doses of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to fully supplement a raw meat diet or boost the nutrition in an ordinary dry or wet food. Add Flora4 to your dog’s daily meal to help improve her skin and coat, stool quality, breath, digestion and immunity. Packaged in travel-ready daily serving packets for convenient use anytime, anywhere – whenever you need an effective probiotic and nutritional supplement.

Key Features & Benefits
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT – Perfect complement to meat. Add to raw meat or any other diet to complete the vitamin & mineral profile.
NATURAL PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES – For improved digestion; helps restore balance of good bacteria, especially during and after antibiotic treatments.
SKIN & COAT CONDITIONER – Therapeutic levels of Omega-3 fatty acids
EXCELLENT STOOL CORRECTOR – Combination of fiber and intense levels of live probiotics from sprouted seeds.
TRANSITION FOOD TOPPER – Reduces digestion and stool issues when changing foods.

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