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1st MOZ Raw Dog Food

This raw dog food is easily stored at room temperature until opened at which time it will last 4 – 5 days in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

A high-tech factory, combined with a cold pasteurization process that never cooks the food, keeps all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our 100% natural food. This also means no coloring and preservatives. At 1st Moz, our product development process relies on the latest knowledge in animal nutrition. Our rolls are prepared using a specialized, exclusive and patented production process that includes pasteurization at very low temperatures. This process maintains a high humidity rate and, by extension, preserves essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements while eliminating harmful bacteria and other irritants. Our recipes are prepared in our factory respecting the same standards as a human food factory. Our meats are supplied from accredited suppliers. All are 100% natural and most importantly, NEVER PROCESSED, NEVER COOKED.

The benefits of feeding a raw diet include It’s a pleasure to eat!, It’s super practical for you,  Better overall health,  Fresher breath, Increased Mobility,  No more tartar, Better digestion, Healthier coat, and No more allergy related issues.

Come in and chat with us to see if this would benefit your dog as well

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